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Alessia GLAVIANO, Vogue Italia, Milan, Italy

Natasha EGAN, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, United States

Marie GOMIS-TREZISE, Galerie Number 8, Brussels, Belgium

Jae-hyun SEOK, Lumos Art Space, Daegu, South Korea

NI Liang, Imageless Publishing, Ningbo, China

Nathalie HERSCHDORFER, Museum of Fine Arts, Le Locle, Switzerland

William EWING, Photography Curator and Author, Switzerland

Chen SHEN, White Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Pascal HUFSCHMID, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva, Switzerland

Marina VITAGLIONE, Panos Pictures, London, United Kingdom

Alfio TOMMASINI, Verzasca Foto Festival, Ticino, Switzerland

Anahita GHABAIAN, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Maggie O'REGAN, In Situ Art Consultants, London, United Kingdom

Jeremie THIRCUIR, Independent Curator and Cook, Beijing, China

Louise FEDOTOV-CLEMENTS, FORMAT Festival/QUAD, Derby, United Kingdom

Tim CLARK, 1000 Words. London, United Kingdom

Amelie SCHULE, FOAM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Federica ANGELUCCI, Stevenson, Cape Town/Johannesburg, South Africa

Holly ROUSSELL, Independent Curator, Switzerland/China (she/her)

Emanuele AMIGHETTI, Esquire/Harpers Bazaar, Milan, Italy

Mathieu BORYSEVCIZ, BANK / MABSOCIETY, Shanghai, China

Alma Cecilia SUAREZ, Artist and Iconographer, London, United Kingdom (she/her)

Daniel BOETKER-SMITH, Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive & Photography Studies College, Melbourne, Australia

Ruben LUNDGREN, Independent Curator and Photographer, Beijing, China

Sunyoung KIM, Museum of Photography, Seoul, South Korea

Thomas SAUVIN, Beijing Silvermine, Paris, France

Lars WILLUMEIT, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland

Azu NWAGBOGU, African Artists' Foundation/ Artbase Africa/ Lagos Photo, Lagos, Nigeria

Pauline MAGNENAT, Rocket Science Magazine, Paris, France

Laetitia FLORESCU, Independent Art Curator, Geneva, Switzerland

Andrew SANIGAR, Thames & Hudson, London

Christiane MONARCHI, Photomonitor online magazine, Hapax Magazine, London

Grace NOH, MiA Collective Art and Fotografiska New York, United States

Katrin ELVARSDOTTIR, The Icelandic Photography Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland

Sheng-Wen LO, Lightbox Photo Library, Taiwan/The Netherlands

Jean-Christophe GODET, Guernsey Photography Festival, Guernsey

Grzegorz KOSMALA, Blow Up Press, Warsaw, Poland

ZHEN Shi, La Maison de Z, Paris, France

Olivier BOURGOIN, Agence Révélateur, Paris, France

Jillian SCHULTZ, Magnum Foundation and Independent documentary film production, Los Angeles, USA

Iris SIKKING, Independent Curator, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mathea MILLMAN, Freelance Art Director and Founder Antihero Press, Berlin, Germany

Dalina PERDOMO ÁLVAREZ, Independent Curator, Chicago, USA

Trine STEPHENSEN, Curator, Oslo/Amsterdam, Norway/The Netherlands

Michael ITKOFF, Daylight Books, New York, USA

Shane LAVALETTE, Light Work, Syracuse, USA

Marc FEUSTEL, Writer, Editor and Independent Curator, Paris, France

Jacopo ATZORI and Florence MEUNIER, Graphic Designer & Art Director, Lausanne, Switzerland

Daniella ZALCMAN, Women Photograph, Paris, France

Our First Edition of MEET 2020 is thankful to the 50 participating experts.

If you are interested in becoming an expert for our second edition, please contact us: holly (at) / cecilia (at)

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