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  • Who should submit to participate in MEET?
    MEET is open to all emerging and established professional visual artists working in photography worldwide. We encourage photographers at all career stages from current-students or recent graduates to mid-career artists. The range of cultural professionals involved will have a variety of interests.
  • Is there a theme to participate in MEET?
    There is no theme to participate in MEET. We encourage artists of all career stages to share an ongoing project or series that they would like to develop further or seek mentorship to develop with our community of cultural professionals.
  • When is the deadline?
    We are currently working on preparing the second edition of MEET. Please feel free to sign up for our mailing list to be notified!
  • How much does it cost?
    It is free to submit your project to MEET.
  • What are the age requirements?
    All the participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of submission. There is no other age restriction.
  • Do I need to speak English to participate?
    At this time, applicants must only submit their application in English. If chosen, artists must be able to communicate in a video conference setting with an expert in English. Of course, if the expert and artist share another common language, they are encouraged to communicate in the language best suited to a productive conversation. If you do not speak English but would like to participate in MEET, you are responsible to find an English speaking friend/colleague who could support you during your video meeting and email exchanges.
  • Can I send my submission by email?
    We do not accept entries by email. Please register on and upload your entries online.
  • Can I enter as a duo or collective?
    Yes, duos and collectives are more than welcome.
  • How many projects can I submit?
    Artists may submit a thoughtful selection of photographs from one series or project. MEET is not a portfolio presentation of your work, it is intended as a way to keep working. With this in mind, we encourage artists to apply with one project or idea they are looking to develop further with the support of an expert.
  • Is it mandatory to apply with an ongoing project?
    Your project can be finished but are still actively working on it and/or aiming to get it visibility (exhibition or publication, etc)
  • Can I submit video stills or installation shots with my submission?
    You can submit video stills and/or installation shots as part of the images for a series if this is relevant to your work. Make sure to explain that these are installation shots or video stills in the image description.
  • My work has been awarded in other competitions. Can I still submit them?
    Yes. You may submit work that has received awards as long as this project is still ongoing and it is not restricted by an exclusivity clause at the time of submission to MEET.
  • Who will decide which works/artists are selected?
    Each expert in our community will individually choose the artist(s) they would like to MEET.
  • When will I know if I have been selected?
    Selected artists will be notified on October 31st. The artists names will also be announced on our website as well as social networks. All applicants will be notified in November 2020. If you have not been notified that your work has been selected by October 31st, please assume you did not find a match for this edition of MEET.
  • If I don’t get a match with an expert, do I have a MEET?"
    It is not possible for all artists who submit a portfolio to MEET to find a match. This could be for a number of reasons -- from the number of applicants, to the profiles of our current experts. We will take into consideration the learnings from this edition to inform how MEET may evolve for the future.
  • Can I select which experts see my work or that I would like to MEET?
    MEET uses technology and common goals and interests to match experts with artists so that they can collaborate on an ongoing project. MEET is not a portfolio review. For this reason, we do not accept suggestions.
  • If my work is not selected, will I receive feedback about it?"
    Due to the high number of submissions, it is not possible to provide personalized comments to all participants.
  • Should I expect 1 meeting, or more? "
    We ask both photographers and experts to commit to 1 MEET. If an expert can mentor over multiple sessions, we encourage her or him to do so. It is based on his or her availability. Likewise, artists may be invited to multiple MEET-ings. Some artists may not have any meetings.
  • When will the meetings take place?
    Meetings will take place in early November. The exact dates will be announced shortly.
  • If the mentor does not show up to our MEET, do I have a guarantee of having a MEET with another mentor? "
    MEET cannot be held accountable if a MEET is postponed or cancelled last minute due to an expert’s availability. But, in this case, we will do our best to make sure you get a MEET – either with the initial expert or another member of the MEET community.
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